A few words about us

The goal of regionalizing the rail assets of Northeastern Pennsylvania came to a successful fruition with the creation of the Pennsylvania Northeast Regional Railroad Authority (PNRRA) in May 2006.

This regional rail system stretches from Carbondale to Scranton through the Pocono region all the way to East Stroudsburg and the Delaware Water Gap. This efficient almost 100 mile regional rail system includes freight and passenger excursion service in four counties in northeast Pennsylvania and has been very successful in locating new rail dependent industries in Monroe and Lackawanna Counties which have created hundreds of new jobs for the region. The Rail freight services over the regional system are provided by the private common carrier rail operator, the Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad Co., Inc. (DLRR), under contract with the PNRRA who owns the rail assets and properties. The Rail Authority and the DLRR work closely together to market the region and our regional industries to together to market the region and our regional industries to the global economy in order to help existing industries expand and to attract new rail dependent industries to locate in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We currently serve about 25 active rail industries in our region and are currently working with several new rail dependent industrial prospects for our region.

The long term goals of the PNRRA are to continue to be a major economic development force in Northeast Pennsylvania and to continue to solicit, market and expand new industries along our 100 mile regional rail network.

Another major goal of PNRRA is to successfully complete the restoration of rail passenger commuter service between Scranton, the Pocono Region, New Jersey and New York City. The PNRRA currently is the project sponsor of this vital project in Pennsylvania and in partnership with New Jersey Transit, the project sponsor in New Jersey, we are advancing this Bi State Project on an expeditious schedule.

Lawrence C. Malski, Esquire
Charlene W. Doyle
Vice President of Administration
Robert C. Hay
Dominic Keating
Vice Chairman
Greg Christine
Jim McLaughlin
Andy Forte
Atty James F. Tierney, IV
Charles Garris
Atty Jerry Weinberger